The mission of the Loving on Purpose team is to equip you with the most powerful, transformative thing on the planet: love. Our Loving On Purpose 2018 Summits bring three areas of focus and strength together in one experience. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your leadership skills, increase connection in your family, or to strengthen your relationships, the Summits will add momentum to your life. Come join us at the Summit near you!
As an author and speaker, Danny Silk offers life-changing books, conferences, and other resources drawn from decades of experience as a counselor, social worker, advocate, pastor, spouse, parent, grandparent, and leader. He is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry to families and communities worldwide. Danny’s passion centers around helping people build, strengthen, and heal their vital relationships in life.
 Sheri is known for building teams with honor and excellence. Sheri serves as Operations Director for Loving on Purpose. Prior to this role, she was General Manager of the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, CA, the largest event venue north of Sacramento. She also served alongside her husband Danny for over 13 years at Bethel Church and held various roles on the Senior Leadership Team. She and Danny have been married for 30 years, have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren.
As the Director of Parenting at Loving on Purpose, Brittney brings a wealth of tools, knowledge, and practical experience to her role. Brittney is certified in Love and Logic and worked for six years as the Development Director for the children’s department at Bethel Church, where she created and established a culture of strong communication and team values. Brittney and her husband, Ben, married in 2003, have three wonderful children, and are actively loving their kids on purpose!
Bob Hasson is a businessman and leadership consultant. His greatest passion is strengthening leaders and their organizations, with specific focus on developing sound organizational structure, fiscal responsibility, and dynamic relationships on leadership teams. As CEO of R.M. Hasson Painting Contractors, Inc., which he founded in 1978, he established the company as a trusted partner serving general contractors across the Western United States. For over thirty years, he has been active as a consultant and board member for churches, ministries, non-profits, and school boards, and his wisdom has been sought out by many leaders and organizations. 
Washington DC
Carla Chud is a Senior Associate Leader at Northgate Alaska Church, where she is responsible for developing culture, implementing strategy, and directing operations. Prior to this role, she and her husband Aaron have been involved in church and youth leadership for over 15 years. She is a gifted communicator who is passionate about personal transformation and championing people to influence the cultures of their families, workplaces, and churches. Aaron and Carla were married in 2002 and are proud parents of two incredible children, Ashton and Ava.
Dallas, TX
Charles Kown has spent almost 20 years in the business world and over 12 years successfully developing relationships with CEOs and other top level executives. However, building relationships in business is only part of his story. He also has a passion to see people get from where they are to where they want to be in their most important relationships and in life. Charles is a facilitator in Danny’s Loving On Purpose Life Academy and frequently speaks to groups about how to build healthy relationships on purpose. He lives happily in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and three children.
Minneapolis, MN
Katieann Browning has a passion see family cultures move from surviving to thriving. She dreams of seeing a generation of children grow up in fear-and-punishment-free environments where they are empowered with unconditional love. For over five years, she has been equipping families to use the relational tools in Loving Our Kids On Purpose. Katieann is a graduate of 2nd year Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and currently lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her husband and 4 amazing kids. She and her family attend Gateway CDA, and are on the core leadership team. She also serves as a worship leader.
Orlando, FL
Adam Bright has been involved in organizational development for fifteen years. He is a Strategic Interventionist, Coach Trainer and active public speaker. He engages in the coaching of individuals as well as coaching at an organizational level both nationally and internationally.

Formally the HR director of the Juiced Group, he founded Catalyst Coaching (Pty) LTD in 2007. He offers an insightful understanding of people and their underlying motivations and has the ability to clearly and effectively communicate to others in order to bring about change and self revelation.

Day 1: Leadership
Create a dynamic culture of leadership & productivity in every part of your life.

Every leader wants to build a sustainable culture of teamwork, strength and community. This track shows you the core values and practices that promote this dynamic thinking and behavior.

Day 2: Relationship
Learn how to create connected & life giving relationships.

We don’t have to live with dysfunction in relationships. When we learn to implement boundaries, connection, and communication in ways that show value for others and ourselves, our heart-to-heart connections with those we love become healthy, vibrant, and life-giving.
Day 3: Parenting
Learn to empower your kids through connection, to live responsibly and powerfully.

Children are powerful. In a world where parents are taught to control their children through external rules and punishments, Jesus points to a better way—the way of teaching children to be governed from the inside through the law of love. Find the tools you need to partner with God in seeing the children around you live full and empowered lives.
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